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Fort Ransom is thriving community with many active organizations. Groups and activities are available for young and old alike. We work together to keep Fort Ransom a beautiful place to be and a fun town to live in.

Some of the organizations active in the Fort Ransom community are:

Fort Ransom Arena Association

Fort Ransom Community Club

Fort Ransom Fire Department

Fort Ransom Girl Scout Troops

Fort Ransom School

Fort Ransom School PTCC (Parent Teacher Organization)

Fort Ransom Sodbuster's Association

Fort Ransom Sportsman's Club

Ransom County Historical Society

Sheyenne Valley Arts and Crafts Association  (SVACA)
  September:   Saturday 27th, Sunday 28th, 2013 
           Last full weekend in September.

Standing Rock Lutheran Church

Standing Rock Lutheran Church WELCA (Women of the Evangelical Church of America)

 Youth    Summer T-Ball        Winter  Basketball




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